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Manga Large Silk Shawl

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This shimmering turquoise large shawl is hand-woven from wild Borocera silk, a species of silk only found in Madagascar.  It's name 'manga' translates to 'blue' in Madagascar.  This scarf will add a gorgeous pop of color to brighten your look.   

It is made from 100% Madagascar silk and completely hand crafted - hand spun yarn, hand dyed, and hand woven on a floor loom. The women of the Lovasoa Cooperative carefully craft each piece in their small village in the central highlands of Madagascar. 

Your purchase directly helps a weaver in our cooperative support her family. It also preserves the cultural tradition of silk weaving in Madagascar.

Each piece comes with a lovely tag that tells the story of the silk and has washing instructions.

Washing instructions: We recommend dry cleaning as this piece is made with acid dyes.

Dimensions: 21.5" wide x 80" long. This is what we call a "large shawl" which is wider than our small shawl size but about the same length.