Be enveloped in a comfy hug- these small shawls are warm without being heavy.  They are a bit wider and longer than our scarves, and can be worn as a small shawl or bunchy scarf.  The size is ample for either use.  

The silk is lustrous, durable, and soft.  You don't have to baby it- throw it in your bag and you're off!  Wild silk is warm and breathable.  It magically  seems to adjust to the weather- letting air in when it's warmer and insulating when it's colder.

Each piece is thoughtfully designed in N.C. by founder, Kyley Schmidt, and carefully hand-crafted by the women in the Solidarity Cooperative in the Central Highlands of Madagascar. 

The silk comes from wild Borocera silkworms, a species of silkworm only found in Madagascar.  The weavers do everything by hand - from spinning the yarn on a drop spindle, dyeing with natural dyes (including leaves, bark, clay, and plant material), and finally weaving on a floor loom. Their techniques have been handed down from mother to daughter for generations.  Your purchase directly helps a weaver in this cooperative support her family.  It also preserves the cultural tradition of silk weaving in Madagascar.

Each shawl will last a lifetime.  

Dimensions are approximately 18" x 80" (as these are completely hand-made, each piece can be slightly different but will not vary much). 

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