Be surrounded in rustic luxury.  The large shawls are wider than our small shawls and a little longer, and they just feel wonderful on.  The large shawls are warm without being heavy.  They wrap around with enough length to flip over your shoulder comfortably, and are the perfect size for a shawl lover.  Some people also enjoy using them as textile art wall hangings! 

The shawls can be dressed up or dressed down (worn with a nice dress or your favorite jeans and t-shirt).  

The silk is lustrous, durable, and soft.  You don't have to baby it- throw it in your bag and you're off!  Wild silk is warm and breathable.  It magically  seems to adjust to the weather- letting air in when it's warmer and insulating when it's colder.



Each piece is thoughtfully designed in N.C. by founder, Kyley Schmidt, and carefully hand-crafted by the women in the Solidarity Cooperative in the Central Highlands of Madagascar. 



The silk comes from wild Borocera silkworms, a species of silkworm only found in Madagascar.  The weavers do everything by hand - from spinning the yarn on a drop spindle, dyeing with natural dyes (including leaves, bark, clay, and plant material), and finally weaving on a floor loom. Their techniques have been handed down from mother to daughter for generations.  Your purchase directly helps a weaver in this cooperative support her family.  It also preserves the cultural tradition of silk weaving in Madagascar.



Each shawl will last a lifetime.  



Dimensions are approximately 22.5" x 82" (as these are completely hand-made, each piece can be slightly different but will not vary much). 

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