Adventurer's Silk Scarf

Adventurers and aviators of the past inspired this modern tailored design.  With its easy-to-match neutral color palette, this scarf is ready to go.  The warm copper-colored silk shines in the sunlight, and will release your adventurous spirit.

It is 100% Madagascar silk and completely hand-crafted (hand spun yarn, naturally dyed, and hand woven on a floor loom).  The women of the Lovasoa Cooperative craft each piece in their small village in the central highlands of Madagascar. 

This special piece contains two different species of silk - the wild Borocera silk, which is only found in Madagascar, and cultivated Mulberry silk.  The Mulberry silk is the white yarn, which is it's undyed natural color. 

Only natural dyes are used, such as leaves/bark/clay.  The dyes are fixed and will not run or fade.  This beautiful piece will last a lifetime.  

Your purchase directly helps a weaver in our cooperative support her family.  It also preserves the cultural tradition of silk weaving in Madagascar.

 Each piece comes with a lovely tag that tells the story of the silk and has washing instructions.

Washing instructions: Hand-wash with any kind of soap.  Lay flat to dry.  Iron while still damp to give it a lovely sheen. Separately, you can steam iron it on a low-ish setting to refresh it from time to time without washing.  This also gives it a lovely sheen.