Kaoperativa Firaisankina (Solidarity Cooperative)-- MADAGASCAR

The weavers live in a small rural community in Madagascar called
Soatanana.  Their village has about 300 people and lacks running water
and electricity.  Most people in the area are subsistence farmers and
have no reliable income.  In 2003, the co-op was formed to provide
steady long-term income for the weavers and their families as well as to
revive the beautiful historical silk art form.  There are over 100 weavers
in the co-op who have successfully worked together to create local and
export markets.  The co-op currently sells their fabrics through local
Malagasy boutiques as well exports to the United States.  Since the
co-op was formed, the weavers' overall household income has
increased by 70%.  
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Madame Zety Be, the co-op's
founding weaver, spinning silk
yarn using a drop spindle.  
She is also renowned for her
Co-op president, Madame Eugenie,
holding a weaving training seminar
for the co-op weavers.
One of the co-op's fourteen women's
groups, Group Volasoa, by their home.

Weaver preparing a natural dye
bath out of eucalyptus and
guava leaves.
Co-op weavers in front of the house
ey built as a meeting place and
local silk
headquarters. Click here to
see larger photo.